At Zamzag , we provide the best technology services to our clients!

Who We Are

We are a technology company based in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. We exist because of
one reason, and that is to make technology simple!

Although we work with companies and organizations of all sizes, we specialize in building
systems and technology infrastructure for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Through working with 100s of small businesses and nonprofits for over ten years, we have
realized that in this era of advance technology, unfortunately only big companies benefit from
the actual power of new technology. Small businesses that make the backbone of our economies
and nonprofits that take care of our communities, don’t have the tools and technologies that they
deserve. We have seen several of these businesses and organizations still use pen and papers for
keeping their records while big corporations speak of fancy technologies like Cloud, Big Data,
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Digital Marketing. We make these technologies
available to small businesses and nonprofits without the need for big budgets.

What We Do

We make things simple!

If you are starting new, we design your systems and technology infrastructure from the ground up. We build your systems based on your needs, something flexible that will grow as your business grows.

If you already have a system but you think it doesn’t work for you or it needs improvement, we can help you with that.

Working with small businesses: we design and build your technology infrastructure to help you start strong, we will work with you from your idea stage where we will back you up with all the technologies you need so you can focus on the business itself rather than worrying about what tools you should use. You don’t have to spend a big part of your startup budget on technology, we will design your systems in a way that meets your today’s need and has the capacity and flexibility to grow over time as your business grows, we can help you with:

  • Branding i.e. logo, slogan, messaging and storytelling
  • Domain name, website, and business email system
  • HR and Finance systems
  • Sales and marketing tools

Working with nonprofit organizations: we provide every piece of technology you need for running a nonprofit organization:

  • We provide anything of your choice from the services listed above, plus the followings:
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data analysis services – help you make data-driven decisions.
  • Story maps – using ArcGIS mapping technology to show your impact on the communities you serve.
  • Board of Directors Dashboard (BDD) – a dynamic and customizable dashboard that visualizes complex data into easy-to-understand contexts for your board members.